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YV Ranch was started in 2005 when Nels & Terri Nixdorff decided as their family grew they needed to start a new chapter with their three boys, Halvard, Adam & Coleman. The base of our herd is from the divided herd of my family, Scott Nixdorff & Sons. (SNS). With SNS we have raised some great sires, such as SNS Generator 28X, Silver Prairie, Prairie, Prairie Fire, Silver Prince 44C.

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2021 Bull Offering
Mar 19, 2020

COME JOIN US   Calgary Bull Sale   SHOW: March 3, 2021 | 1:00 SALE: March 4, 2021 | 1:00    Medicine Hat Bull Sale  Show: March 16th | 5:00 Sale: March 17th | 1:00    Or reach out to view the Bulls at YV ranch

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2021 Sale Bull Catalogue
Jan 12, 2021


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2021 Bull Sale Offering

YV Ranch 2020 Bull Sale Catalouge (Click Here)   Calgary Bull Sale – 9 Bulls Show: March 3rd 1:00pm Sale: March 4th 1:00pm Medicine Hat Bull Sale Show: March 16th 5:00pm Sale: March 17th 1:00pm