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2021 Bull Offering
Mar 19, 2020



Calgary Bull Sale  

SHOW: March 3, 2021 | 1:00

SALE: March 4, 2021 | 1:00 


Medicine Hat Bull Sale 

Show: March 16th | 5:00

Sale: March 17th | 1:00


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Fall 2015 Updated YV 35X ZAM 15Z Pasture Pictures
Jan 8, 2016

Click on the Blog tab to see updated pictures of YV 35X Zam 15Z





High Selling Bull – 2015 Calgary Bull Sale
Jan 6, 2016

YV 40A

YV Ranch was pleased to have the high selling bull at the 2015 Calgary Bull Sale
$26,000 – Lot 15 – YV 915W SILVER ADDITION 40A
Buyer: KLJ Farms, Little Fort, BC

Note: we were able to use 40A as a calf and are very happy with the calves he has produced thus far.

YV 34W Major Mark Lad 2Y, UPDATE
Mar 24, 2014

YV 2Y was sold to Ridder Hereford Ranch of Callaway, Nebraska, USA at the 2012 Calgary Bull sale, Ridder’s just sold 2Y’s first calves in their annual sale. A 2Y son was the high seller out of 91 bulls at $15,000, the 2Y calves averaged $9833. John Ridder has been very happy with this young bull thus far.

Just prior to selling 2Y we were lucky enough to get a flush of him to AGA 72M MISS SUNSHINE LAD 282P, this spring we calved out 6 of the full sib embryo calves and are very excited to see what will become of them, I have a feeling they are going to model their father very closely.


Here is a picture of 2Y in his working clothes at Ridders farm
(Still got that hip you remember him having when he was sold)

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.09.13 PM

Little Fort Herefords Trip, 2014
Mar 16, 2014

This past weekend Adam and myself were able to take a trip to Little Fort, BC. To clip, visit and look at the Jim’s Cattle at Little Fort Herefords. We clipped a tremendous group of 12 bulls that will be going to the Williams Lake Bull Sale. They Have used many YV bulls recently, including 711T, 35X, Zam 15Z(co-owned with YV Ranch) and by AI, Starstruck 915W. We viewed some tremendous cows out of 711T, along with some Starstruck calves and a very even well marked group of light birth weight Zam calves, with an average BW of mid-80lbs. We had an amazing trip with excellent hospitality from the Jim family.


Here are a few heifers Zam calves.




YV Star Struck 915W, The Proof Is in the Pudding
Feb 25, 2014

It is not often you put complete and utter competence in a Jr. herd sire, there can be a lot of worries and potential problems, it usually takes a few, to many years to put full confidence in a herd sire, not this time! When Star Struck was first born we knew he was special, he was up quick, vigorous, and never looked back. He weaned off with an adjusted WW of 883lbs and carried on with a whopping adjusted YW of 1436lbs (He is currently in the top 1% for WW and top 5% for YW). All this time he spent growing up we were watching him, watching him grow, get long, get stout, get hairy and get into condition so easy. He went into stud at a year of age, where he was looked at and liked by many. Star Struck was drawn for North America and the EU, with semen sold to Little Fort Herefords, and Nyle  and Clint Stromsmoe,  before he was put out with 35 cows, as just a calf, this is a big feat for any bull let alone this youngster of only 16 months old, he bred every cow, as we found out the next spring ever cow caught too. After this big season for him he still had on a very sufficient amount of condition. He can contribute this easy flushing-ness to his mother AGA 72M Miss Sunshine Lad 282P, who was always in great shape, we purchases 282P from Ulrich Herefords (Peter and Hans Ulrich) as a heifer. As soon as 282P calved we knew she was a great investment. As well as raising Star Struck she has also produced sons that we sold as herd sires to Gillespie Herefords, Little Forth Herefords, and another son we kept to use ourselves. If you have seen 282P, or even took a glance at her picture you could see she was phenotypical perfect, massive in her foot, and her hip which she always passed on to her sons as well as a picture perfect udder, everything you want in a good cow, after all she was from a long line of XTC donor cows, her pedigree holds great cow genetics, as stated by Byron Templeton. 282P was flushed multiple times after Star Struck was raised.  On Star Strucks top side you can see our foundation sire SNS 109L Silver Stone 81N, He too with a great mother to back him up, our greatest cow 107H. With such great genetics not only used Star Struck on foot we also AI’ed to him heavily. His first calves came and boy oh boy were we excited, they followed in his foot steps exactly(Son’s named Reserve Champion Hardisty field day 2012, and Intermediate champion 2013) ! but the finial test, to see what his daughters would look like. His heifers calved and had the look of his mother. Picture proof, as shown below, easy fleshing, deep, with amazing maternal traits. You will find all 10 of our 2014 Calgary Bull sale entries are sired by Star Struck, were in love with him, and feel his sons will catch your eye the minute you walk into the barns. The best part is we can all sleep easy seeing females like these that are in the pastures.

Here are 3 Star Struck First calf Heifers, pictured This morning while walking through the calf pen, took with a cell phone, in about 3 min, the pen is full of heifers just like these.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

YV 40Z (below)  


YV 27Z, (below) 


YV46Z, (below)


Maternal, Maternal, Maternal
Jan 24, 2014

John Ridder of Ridder Hereford Ranch, Nebraska, USA, recently released his 2014 Annual Bull and Heifer sale catalogue. In his catalogue he had referenced a new sire YV 34W Major Mark Lad 2y that YV Ranch sold to him at the 2012 Calgary Bull Sale. You can see in his briefing Ridder states the tremendous udders in 2Y’s bottom side; He compares them to some pretty prestigious American lines. The Cow he is talking about is SNS 67F Silver Sky Lady 107H , 107H is the most predominant animal that has been utilized at YV Ranch, she is in 97% of our herds pedigree at least once, while being in most of those pedigrees multiple times. We have sold many herdsires out of her and used multiple sires heavily ourselves. The single most valuable aspect 107H has offered to our farm is the tremendous udder she has, along with the udders her daughters, and grand daughters portray. We have known about this genetic marvel for a long time. We are glad that fellow Hereford breeders and commercial producers have come to realize the genetic appeal of the maternal aspect of this cow family. 107H died in early spring 2013, but her legacy will live on through her blood lines. So if your interested in using a bull that will throw tremendous udders, look for the 107H line in the pedigree.
John Ridders 2014 sale catalog brief


Fall Happenings
Oct 16, 2013

Fall is always an exciting and happening time. We finished harvest promptly in mid October and just had the daunting task of bring all the cattle home from different pastures. This weekend we hauled our last 2 loads of pairs and heifers home from Alder Flats.


Rumant digestion University of Alberta
Sep 26, 2013

A very exciting talk about feed conversion ratios in cattle, always thinking of how to take this schooling and use it on the farm.


Bull sale time
Mar 17, 2013

It’s been a very busy and exciting past 3 weeks with bulls consigned to both the Calgary and Medicine Hat bull sales we have been going 9-0. With Two successful sales we would like to thank all the buyers and bidders.

Thank you all who purchased bulls at the Calgary bull sale

Stauffer Farms -YV 21y

Clinton Brost – YV 34y

L-Craft Farm – YV 40y

J.J. And Ken Scherloski – YV 42y

Wayne  Ritchie – YV  56y

Pipe Line Grazing – YV 58y

Meridian Cattle Co – YV 76y


Thank you to all who purchased bulls at the Medicine Hat bull sale

SNS Herefords

Peter Ulrich

Remount grazing x3

Baron Ranch

2013 Bull Sale Preview
Dec 23, 2012

The entries of the 6 bulls going to Medicine Hat Bull sale and 11 bulls going to Calgary bull sale have been sent in and here are the bulls for each, pictures coming soon.

Going to Calgary 

Our feature Calf: YV 35X Zam 15z

And the 2 year olds:


And the bulls for Medicine Hat Bull Sale


The Fall is Here
Oct 10, 2012

Harvest is done here at YV Ranch

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