2021 Bull Sale Offering

    YV Ranch 2020 Bull Sale Catalouge (Click Here)


    Calgary Bull Sale – 9 Bulls
    Show: March 3rd 1:00pm
    Sale: March 4th 1:00pm

    Medicine Hat Bull Sale
    Show: March 16th 5:00pm
    Sale: March 17th 1:00pm


    2020 Bull Sales

    Spring 2020
    YV Ranch

    YV Ranch 2020 Bull Sale Catalouge

    Calgary Bull Sale – 9 Bulls
    Show: March 4th 1:00pm
    Sale: March 5th 1:00pm

    Medicine Hat Bull Sale  **Canceled Due to Covid-19**  All bulls will be sold private treaty
    Show: March 7th 5:00pm
    Sale: March 8th 1:00pm 

    2018 Spring Bull Sales

    YV Ranch will Consigning Bulls To Calgary and Medicine Hat Bull Sales
    To view YV Ranch sale bulls click here



    Calgary Bull Sale (9 bulls entered)
    Show: 1pm Feb 28th
    Sale: 1pm March 1st

    Medicine Hat Bull Sale (8 bulls entered)
    Show: 5pm March 13th
    Sale: 1pm March 14th

    To Find out more information on the sales or bulls call Nels at 403-510-2771


    2017 Calgary and Medicine Hat Bull Sales

    Calgary Bull Sale Mar 1st, 2nd Medicine Hat Bull Sale Mar 14th, 15th

    YV Ranch has consigned 8 coming 2 year olds, and 1 yearling bull to the Calgary Bull Sale.
    Please feel free to call with any questions on the following bulls.

    Century Downs Racetrack & Casino in Calgary, Alberta.
    Show-  1PM March 1st 2017
    Sale- 1PM March 2nd 2017


    YV 12D
    (LOT 85) YV 15Z STANDARD ZAM 12D C03022458
    BW: 87 WW:800

    YV 111C
    (LOT 86) YV 915W SILVER STRUCK 111C {DLF IEF HYF} C03010547
    BW: 91 WW:683 YW: 1155

    YV 104C
    (LOT 87)  YV 915W MR BO STRUCK 104C {DLF IEF HYF} C03014756
    BW:92 WW:758 YW:1211

    YV 72C
    (LOT 88) YV 915W SUPER STRUCK 72C {DLF IEF HYF} C03010546
    BW:94 WW:765 YW:1169

    YV 48C
    LOT 90)  YV 148X SUPER SILVER 48C {DLF IEF HYF} C03013616
    BW:94 WW:800 YW:1246

    YV 7C
    (LOT 91)  YV 15Z ZAMS LAD 7C {DLF IEF HYF} C03010308
    BW:94 WW:844 YW:1305

    YV 3C
    LOT 93)  YV 15Z HAMMER ZAMMER 3C C03010305
    BW:88 WW:726 YW:1234

    YV 106C
    BW:85 WW:743 YW:1190

    YV Ranch has consigned 5 coming 2 year olds, and 1 yearling bull to the Medicine Hat Bull Sale.
    Please feel free to call with any questions on the following bulls.

    Medicine Hat, Alberta
    Show-  5PM March 14th 2017
    Sale- 1PM March 15th 2017

    yv 40d
    (LOT 56) YV 31A MR SILVER SUN ET 40D {DLF IEF HYF} C03022448
    BW:94 WW:845

     YV 60C
    (LOT 57)  YV 915W MR STAR STRUCK 60C {DLF IEF HYF} C03013798
    BW:90 WW:684 YW:1092

    YV 80C
    (LOT 58)  YV 15Z SILVER ZAM LAD 80C {DLF IEF HYF} C03013994
    BW:86 WW:760 YW:1069

    YV 81C
    LOT 59)  YV 148X STD LAD 81C {DLF IEF HYF} C03013995
    BW:85 WW:767 YW:1017

    YV 91C
    LOT 60)  YV 81N SKY LAD 91C {DLF IEF HYF} C03014747
    BW:90 WW:725 YW:1072

    BW:88 WW:778 YW:1267

    2016 Calgary Bull Sale

    March 2nd Show, March 3rd Sale
    Century Downs, Balzac, Alberta

    YV Ranch has consigned 7 coming 2 year olds, and 1 yearling bull. With a New sale location at Century Downs, Balzac, AB
    Please feel free to call with any questions on the following bulls.


    YV 31A MR SUNSHINE 12C C03010311
    Lot 114 - YV 12C

    YV 148X SUPER SILVER 39B C02997792                                                       Lot 120 - YV 39B

    YV 15Z SILVER STUD 38B {DLF IEF HYF} C02997789
    Lot 121 - YV 38B

    YV 915W BELL LAD 89B C03000871
    Lot 115 - YV 89B

    YV 148X PRAIRIE LAD 64B C02998589
    Lot 117 - YV 64B

    YV 15Z SILVER ZAM 43B C02997809
    Lot 119 - YV 43B

    YV 915W SILVER LAD 67B {DLF IEF HYF} C02998591
    Lot 116 - YV 67B

    YV 148X SUPER SILVER 57B C02998582
    Lot 118 - YV 57B


    2015 Calgary Bull Sale

    March 4th Show, March 5th Sale
    Calgary Stampede Grounds

    This Year YV Ranch will have 9 Bulls on offer at the Calgary Bull Sale, This group of bulls is an exciting group, structure, substance, and maternal genetics are strong in this group.



    YV 2Y TOM CAT ET 29B

    YV 2Y Tom Cat ET 29B (Pictured Above)
    -Sired by the Calf Champion  “Goggled eyed” bull calf we sold to Ridder Hereford Ranch, Nebraska, 2012
    -Siblings Topped Ridder’s sale
    -Out of our leading cow ALNK 282P




    YV 924W


    YV 15Z MR Silver Zam 46B 
    -Our  debut Zam Son!
    -Full pigment, solid marked
    -Maternal brother of YV 40A, Selling at Calgary as well
    -Mother, 924W, beautiful

    YV 915W Silver Addition 40A 
    -Star Struck son
    -Little Red Deer Herefords bought full brother last year
    -Full Pigment
    -Top Cow, Same as YV 46B, (pictured above)
    -Herd Sire Prospect


    YV 915W Sorcerer Lad 59A

    -Star Struck Son
    -Most Moderate bull in the lineup
    -Short marked
    -Phenotypical Pleasing


    YV 915W Bow Struck Lad 77A

    -Star Struck Son
    -Substance and style
    -WW: +63.1, YW +96.0



    YV 148X Mr Silver Rib 21A

    -A 148X son the resembles his dad



    YV 148X Mr Super Rib 19A



    YV 915W Silver Struck 64A



    YV 148X Mr Super Standard 62A

    2014, Calgary Bull Sale

    Show March 5th, Sale March 6th, 2014
    Calgary Stampede Grounds

    YV Ranch has 8 bulls on offer at the Calgary bull Sale, they are all YV 915W Star Struck sons: see bulls below and click on a bulls name for EPD profile and pedigree

    2014 Calgary bull sale bulls DSC_0713

    YV 915W Silver Addition 40A

    YV 40A (lot 52), Pictured above is a full brother to lot 46 (YV 28Z) out of on of our best cows YV 924W, she has a picture perfect udder, great feet and all around  phenotypical great to look at. 40A is hairy, well marked and with a  big hip.

    BW. 97lbs, Adj. WW: 733lbs Adj. YW: 1205lbs




    YV 915W Silver Struck 28Z

    YV 28Z (Lot 46), pictured above is the full brother to the calf, Lot 52 (YV 40A), Like I said the cow is one of our top 5 cows, this carries a lot of muscle, and has a massive hip, he’s the favourite in the group. you can see from the pictures as to what I am talking about.

    BW, 90lbs, Adj. WW. 766lbs, Adj. YW. 1247lbs



    YV 915W Bo Struck Lad 26Z

    YV 26Z (lot 45), pictured above, His Mother is a beautiful, picture perfect Bodacious granddaughter .  A long very correct bull, sure to put extra pounds on his calves and will sire great daughters. with a whopping WW EPD of +62 and YW of +86.8.

    BW. 97lbs, Adj. WW. 839lbs, Adj. YW 1257lbs



    YV 915W Prairie Lad 42Z 

    YV 42Z (lot 48), pictured above, A big long performance bull with  a beautiful  82R dam.  The same Star Struck stamp.

    BW: 96lbs, Adj. WW: 765lbs, Adj. YW: 1183lbs



    YV Star Dandy Lad 74Z 

    YV 74Z (lot 51), Pictured above, This  Star Struck son has the same stamp as all Star Struck Sons.  They  are very consistence.  This bull is no exception.  Long thick and moderate

    BW: 98lbs, Adj. WW: 768lbs, Adj. YW: 1297lbs



    YV 915W Mr Dandy 44Z 

    YV 44Z (Lot 49) Pictured above, is the biggest performance bull in our string.  If you want to put some pounds on this bull will increase weaning and yearling weight.  Another great 82R dam.

    BW: 98lbs, Adj. WW: 906lbs , Adj. YW: 1347lbs



    YV 915W Silver Struck 51Z 

    YV 51Z (Lot 50), Pictured above, has two shots of 81N on the bottom of his pedigree.  He show that great Star Struck profile and out of a really good 232N daughter. note his massive hip and look.

    BW: 98lbs, Adj. WW. 639lbs, Adj. YW: 1165lbs



     YV 915W Zippo 14Z

    YV 14Z (Lot 43). Pictured above, his Mother  is out of a  ET Bodacious  son.   We have 2 daughters in the herd.  He has two shots SNS 107H and Dandy in his pedigree, he is loaded with pigment.

    BW: 94lbs, Adj. WW: 826lbs, Adj. YW: 1215lbs

    2014, Medicine Hat Sale Bulls

    Show March 18th, Sale March 19th 2014
    Medicine Hat Exhibition Grounds

    This Spring we have on offer 5 moderate, stout, heavily maternal bulls going to the Medicine Hat Bull Sale: see bulls below and click on a bulls name for EPD profile and pedigree


    DSC_0322 DSC_0331

    YV 35X MAJOR POWER LAD 83Z C02973574

    YV 83z (pictured above), This is an extremely thick 35X son out of the mother of $23000.00 bull calf we sold to Ridder Hereford Ranch of Nebraska.  Solid marked .  Take a look!

    BW.  91, Adj. WW 594, Adj. YW 1169


    DSC_0374  DSC_0354

    YV 35X SILVER SUN 21Z C02970810

    YV 21Z (Pictured above), The mother of 21Z is an ET Daughter out of our Great Flush cow 107H.  This is a very stout, solid marked  bull out of our  Easy calving bull YV 35X (we sold to little Fort Herefords) at the 2012 Calgary Bull Sale.  Check this bull out, he’s Hal’s pick of the Bull Pen, a great herd sire prospect.

    BW. 82lbs, Adj. WW 752, Adj. YW  1174


    DSC_0357 DSC_0339

    YV 915W SILVER STRUCK LAD 71Z C02973328

    YV 71Z (pictured above), This is a Star Struck son.  Easy moving , well marked and easy fleshing.  This bull is out of Hals 4-H  cow.  She always raises one of the top bulls each year.  She is one of the easies fleshing cows in the herd.

    B.W. 93lbs, Adj. WW 627, Adj. YW 1114


    DSC_0363  DSC_0365

    YV 30U SILVER STANDARD 49Z C02971264

    YV 49Z (pictured above), A Light birth weight bull with lots of eye appeal.  His mother is a full sister to the mother of our Jr. Herd Sire, YV Zam 15Z.   Hairy, light colored well marked.

    B.W.  86lbs, Adj. WW 662, Adj.  YW 1162


    DSC_0382  DSC_0390

    YV 915W MR STAR SKY 79Z C02973571

    YV 79Z (pictured above), Another Star Struck- the highest  performing bull in our string.  He is out of a top producing 109L daughter.  YV 526R- his dam has 3 daughters in our herd,  plus Simpson Ranching All time favorite bull is out of 79Z mother.  Take a look at this young sire.

    BW 95lbs, Adj. WW 749, Adj.  YW 1320

    Hereford Digest January, 2014; Commercial Edition

    Hereford Digest October Add, 2013

    2013 Medicine Hat Pen Show

    We are excited to be able to take a pen of 3 bull calves to the 2013 Medicine Hat Pen show December 20-21st, 2013


    Hereford Digest Herd Sire Edition Add, Summer 2013

    Calgary Bull Show & Sale

    March 6 & 7th, 2013

    We are pleased to be bringing 11 Bulls and 2 groups of heifers to the Calgary Bull Sale this year.

    Heifers:  one pen of home raised replacement Hereford heifers and one pen of F1 baldie replacement heifers.

    Photos coming soon!




    Feature Calf Lot:  YV 35X Zam 15z

    Additional Lots:

    Medicine Hat Bull Sale

    March 12 - 13, 2013
    Medicine Hat Exhibition Grounds

    We are taking the following 6 Bull lots to Medicine Hat this year:

    YV 34W Silver Mark Lad 12Y
    Moderate and thick. He is a paternal brother to our high selling calf in Calgary last year.

    YV 915W Dandy Struck 63Y
    A thick yellow, square and stout son of Star Struck. Good hair, lots of eye appeal. He will cover lots of country.

    YV 943W MR Special 83Y
    A very stylish son of River Bridges bull bought at  the Hat in 2011.  Tremendous udders on the top and bottom of this pedigree.

    YV 915W Silver Struck 85Y
    Another powerful Star Struck son with a very consistent cow family behind him . Lots of hair, lots of muscle. Will work for anyone. He Has it all!

    YV 30U Triple Threat 71Y
    Is a show stopper. A 30U son very thick, very harry, and tones of pigment. This bulls mother is the dam of our 2008 Calgary Bull Sale Champion. She produces a top bull every time.

    YV 915W MR Rising Star 94Y
    Note the age of this bull . He is a June son of Star Struck that many have admired . Very thick and eye appealing . This is the last natural son of our flush cow 107H . He should be a herd sire for someone with 107H on the top and bottom of the pedigree he is definitely a herd builder.



    All Bulls are semen tested, have had their foot rot shots and have been ultra sounded . All bulls fully guaranteed .Come view these great prospects and their dams at the ranch, the coffee is always on!


    FOR SALE Home Raised Heifers

    Spring 2013

    Home Raised Straight Hereford & F1 Baldie Replacement Heifers for sale (none held back)!  Please contact us for more information.

    All Heifers Have Been Sold To Huxley Colony, Try Earlier Next Year.

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